Monthly archive for July 2013

One man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure

As demolition experts we come across all types of reclaimed items, items that you wouldn’t expect anyone to make any sort of use from, but you would be surprised. At Steptoe’s Yard we work on demolition contracts across the whole of the UK and on all sorts

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Using cobbles and stone flags for driveways

From a personal point of view and not just the point of view as someone involved with cobbles and stone flags I have never seen a better looking drive than a professionally laid cobble or stone flag driveway. When laid professionally and properly the effect this type

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Reclaimed flags and cobbles look great

For a really unique and interesting addition to any home, look into reclaimed flagstones and cobbles for a garden, pathway or even kitchen areas. You will be able to give your home a vintage look which is completely cost effective and environmentally friendly. Reclamation yards are a

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