Incoming block stone Here we have a c. 16-tonne block of stone being delivered for the stonemasons to get stuck into. This block will be drilled and split into more manageable sizes and then placed on the large 2400mm diameter stone saws and further reduced into separate slabs. Thereafter the slabs will be sized and shaped by […]

Steptoes Yard Rainbow

There’s a pot of gold at the end of the Steptoe’s Yard rainbow… especially if you’re looking for reclaimed stone.  Don’t wait for next Spring to create your dream ‘outside living space’, use Winter and the Government lockdowns to refurbish your tired and unloved patio areas and then when Spring arrives you’ll be ready to […]

Machinery Auction Sep 2020

Machinery Auction

We’re happy to report that Steptoe’s tri-annual plant and equipment auction was a great success! We had a flood of viewers on Monday and the online auction, (which was organised and managed by industry leading company Sanderson Weatherall) was very well ‘attended’ and bidding for the various lots was strong. It was encouraging to see […]

5 Reasons to use cobbles for driveways or pathways

Cobbles have been used for centuries on roads and driveways all over the world. In ancient times, they were used to turn dirt roads into neat and passable roads. Old alleys and back streets in the North of England and places such as Philadelphia and French towns and villages still have these roads to-date, many […]

Considering building your own home? Here’s our view

reclaimed stone

The positives of building your own house Owning the perfect home is something that many people dream of. Some are lucky enough to find that dream home on the current property market, but others may not. This is why some people decide that the best approach to take is to build their own home. Building […]