Cobbles can transform your outside space

Cobbles have long reigned supreme at the top of the tree in the world of paving.

Transform your outside space using Cobbles and create a gorgeous traditional look in a modern environment.

Today the range of cobblestone options available differ largely from those used 100s of years ago. Cobbles were historically rounded pebbles found on riverbeds and these stones created an appealing look with a bumpy surface.

Why use cobbles?
Cobbles can make any path or driveway look stunning and a concrete or tarmac surface can rarely re-create the luxurious look cobbles can offer, we truly believe that cobbles arranged and laid professionally can make an outdoor space look stunning.

Both modern & traditional areas
Cobbles are suited to any number of patterns, and in more traditional outdoor areas the basket weave and herringbone arrangements are extremely popular.
In the more modern, minimalist and contemporary outdoor spaces, people often tend to use more geometric patterns, usually in line with the architecture of the building they are attached to.
Steptoes Yard’s reclaimed cobbles can be used effectively in both modern and traditional cobblestone settings and arrangements and are very hard-wearing – while still being visually perfect, they are suitable for every environment.

Practical and easy on the eye
In many cases, customers are looking for both attractive and practical ideas constructed for their pathways and driveways, but occasionally we come across people wanting to add a uniqueness to their home.

Circular pavers often appeal to the people with bigger budgets, they can help to bring life to a driveway, or to create a feature on or around a pathway, especially good for wider and longer paths. Moss is often encouraged around pavers to create a classic look.

Large pavers and cobbles
You don’t have to lay Cobbles on their own either as they can be easily paired with larger paving or flagstones and one popular way to combine the two is by using cobblestones to create attractive borders around a paved area.

Cobblestone can live forever
Cobbles are a truly versatile material used in a large range of outdoor spaces, it is both extremely practical and stunning looking.

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