Faun Trackway – Temporary Aluminium Roadway or Runway

The Faun MLC70 Trackway system is an extremely heavy duty temporary roadway system, which is originally designed for the repair of ‘bomb-damaged’ runways.

Design Principle – Bomb Damage Repair Mats are constructed from full and half-length aluminium panels of heavy-duty, corrugated design. They are linked together using a sliding joint and are locked together using quick release shoot bolts. The mats are moved into position using appropriate plant and equipment and then rolled out by hand.

BDRM panels are connected using a ‘tongue and groove’ method, forming an articulated joint. This enables the BDRM to be laid on undulating ground. BDRM provides a safe, stable, temporary take-off and landing area for aircraft, without causing damage to the ground surface.

A standard mat (22m x 16m) contains 104 rows of panels; each containing three full-length panels and one-half panel, which are assembled in a brickwork pattern. BDRM is designed to be split by hand into smaller patches if required.


Standard mat dimension: Thickness:

Diameter (when rolled): Weight:
Other Uses:
22m x 16m (Modified 66m x 4.6m & 22m x 2.3m) 31mm
12500Kg (c. 35.5kg/m2)

The ‘Heavy Duty Temporary Aluminium Roadway / Runway Repair Matting’, which we currently have available for sale / lease is as follows:

  • 3 Rolls 4.6m Wide x 22m Long – 302m2 total (Each Roll 3590kg)
  • 1 Roll 2.3m Wide x 22m Long – 50m2 total – (Roll Weight 1790kg)
  • 2 Rolls 16m Wide x 22m Long – 704m2 total – (Each Roll 12500kg)
  • 5 Rolls 16m Wide x 11m Long – 880m2 total – (Each Roll 6250kg)
  • 1 Roll 16m Wide x 9m Long – 144m2 total – (Roll Weight 5110kg)
  • Overall total 2080m2

Cost for all 12 rolls – £125,000.00 plus VAT, which is less than the current purchase cost of 1No 16m x 22m roll !

Costs for part of the above are available on request.

Design Information:

The MLC-70 Heavy Duty Panels will withstand repeated loads of up to 70 tonnes (MLC-70)
and is suitable for heavy tracked and wheeled vehicles such as tanks; bridge transporters; helicopters ! … or in our ‘construction world’; articulated wagons; 8-wheel tippers, and other ‘wheeled and tracked’ plant and equipment.

It is ideal for temporary site set-ups, and compound areas, where a cabin and stores can be erected alongside an area of this matting, which can accommodate materials; storage; telehandlers; delivery vehicles, and general staff and operative parking areas.

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