Heritage Flags

Heritage Flags - Stone Paving Flags

natural stone paving

You do not need to be an expert on paving to realise that natural stone paving flags are the finest of outdoor finishes.

They are not only brilliant to look at, but they are also easy to maintain, resistant to frost and, more often than not, sourced ethically.

Our natural stone paving flags, otherwise known as Heritage flags, really are the finest product around and they are perfect for the discerning client, there are not many other materials that will mirror the gorgeous appearance and high-quality feel of natural stone.

Steptoes Yard is extremely proud to say that we acquire each and every piece of natural stone in our stock from sustainable sources while maintaining the highest quality. Our natural stone paving flags are highly durable and can be machine cut for an even more perfect finish.

Natural stone has a low water absorbency which ensures maintaining them is simple, and with greater resistance to weathering to its easier to keep your driveways, pathways and other stone finished areas looking naturally beautiful for longer.

stone paving flags
stone paving flags
stone paving flags

A bit more about natural stone

Natural stone has been widely used as a premier material in construction throughout history and is known for being highly durable, it also has longevity and is aesthetically gorgeous, some of the worlds most well-known structures have been built using natural stone, such as The Taj Mahal and The Great Wall Of China along with the Ancient Pyramids of Egypt, the oldest being over 4,500 years old.

No two pieces of natural stone are the same, and this means home builders, landscape designers, and even architects can design and construct stunning individual and bespoke buildings that will long outlive man-made and concrete building materials.

natural stone paving

Heritage Flag

  • Natural York stone flags with a smooth re-textured finish.
  • Perfect for internal or external areas.
  • Natural sandstone colours, buff, brown and greys.
  • £75 per m2
  • Plenty in stock, come have a look.
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