Reclaimed stone on your self build

A number of ways in which you can use reclaimed Yorkstone on your self-build project. Reclaimed Yorkstone is very widely used when it comes to self-build projects, it looks great, it is more environmentally friendly than lots of the new building materials available and it provides real value for money. Yorkstone is a very versatile […]

Expert York Stone Suppliers

yorkstone flags

When buying York Stone products, always ask the experts Steptoes Yard are experts when it comes to the supply of York stone and natural stone paving. It is what we built our business on and we are extremely proud of how we have developed into one of the UK’s premier suppliers over the years, we’ve […]

Using Cobbles for Decoration


Using Cobbles for Decoration Your garden is a place that you will want to spend a lot of your time and that means getting it to look how you want it. If you are thinking of adding decorative touches to your garden why not use reclaimed cobbles? These are incredibly tough, they look great and […]

Is Reclaimed Stone Expensive?

Is Reclaimed Stone Expensive? Are you thinking of buying stone for some building work in your home or garden? If so you are probably trying to decide which type would be the most cost effective – stone that is brand new or reclaimed stone. This is a question that a lot of people will ask […]

Types of Walling Stone

Types of Walling Stone Are you interested in finding the best walling stone around? Do you want stone that has lots of character and that will fit in with your style? If so here are some of the types that you can find at a reclaimed stone merchant: – Pitched face – this is one […]