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Cobbles have been used for centuries on roads and driveways all over the world.

In ancient times, they were used to turn dirt roads into neat and passable roads. Old alleys and back streets in the North of England and places such as Philadelphia and French towns and villages still have these roads to-date, many years after they were laid and they still look as good as new.

This just shows the longevity of the cobblestone and its importance in constructing roads that will stand the test of time. Even in places where they have had to remove cobblestones to make way for modern-looking roads such as asphalt or tarmac, it was not because the cobble roads were worn out, it was rather a need for a smooth modern road.

What makes the cobble very unique as a material for driveways is the fact that it is a 100% naturally formed stone. It is mostly found at the edge of rivers and lakes, and its formation is a million years’ worth of work. The formation of the stone itself is thus a reflection that the stone is meant to last.

Reclaimed cobblestones from old buildings and pathways are usually in high demand from private buyers.

Stones from yesteryear are considered to be extremely durable and exquisite and can last for Millenniums because of good masonry and excavation.

For example – The Pyramids of Giza are a testament to this.

Additionally, their rustic and historic feel makes good scenery and takes you down memory lane with nostalgia.

5 reasons to use reclaimed cobbles

  1. Aesthetics and appeal
    Are you looking for a unique look around your home and driveway? – look no further than cobblestones. Their unique range of natural colours can rarely be found in modern stones, which means your property will be awe-inspiring to everyone who visits your home.
  2. Easy to install
    You don`t need a lot of materials while installing cobbles. Their installation process is relatively easy and straightforward for an expert, and done correctly you can save a lot of time, money and manpower.
  3. Pocket friendly
    As ancient streets and buildings built with cobbles are torn apart, you can get these reclaimed cobbles at affordable rates (check out our product section). They are not just pocket-friendly in the short-run; they are also cheap in the long run because if laid correctly, repairs and replacement costs ar usually at a minimal.
  4. Stain-resistant
    Unlike most modern stones which are easily susceptible to stains, cobbles will not give you a hard time while cleaning. Dirt and stains tend to wash off on their own when it rains, which is one of the biggest advantages of using them on your driveway.
  5. Highly durable
    Since their formation is usually millions of years in the making, they are sturdy and can withstand just about anything without forming cracks or dents. They rarely get potholes and can withstand some of the harshest conditions and remain intact, which is why they were used on pathways in ancient times. Most cobbles are made of limestone, granite and basalt, which are all known for their sturdiness and longevity.
cobbled driveway
cobbles for pathways

Additional reasons to use reclaimed cobbles on driveways or pathways around your home

Cobbles are eco-friendly since they are 100% natural.

They don`t contain any harmful synthetic substances common with modern stones.

Your kids can play and roll over the pathways all day, without any risk of getting into contact with harmful chemicals.

They are also usually slip-resistant, due to their rough texture. 

Furthermore, cobble pathways and driveways will add value to any property because their rustic nature gives a classic, historic feel.

If installed correctly, they can often help increase a property`s value, sometimes by up to 20%.