OK… so “What’s an Orangery” we hear you say – “Oh; you mean a posh conservatory”?
Well, not really. An Orangery might have the external appearance of a well-appointed conservatory, but the main differences are in the robust nature of the structure, and the design of the roof.

A conservatory is generally a big glass box, which is susceptible to being very hot in the summer and very cold in the winter. An orangery; on the other hand has a larger percentage of built cavity wall, and a solid roof; making it a far more useable structure, and one that is more consistent in temperature across the year, i.e. cooler in summer and warmer in winter. As such this makes an Orangery a far more useful extension to your home, than a ‘bog-standard’ conservatory.

Here at Steptoe’s Yard Ltd we can offer a bespoke stone masonry service to produce the Orangery of your dreams; hand crafted from locally quarried stone to a design, layout, and size to suit your exact requirements.

Manufactured from stone; give the assurance that you are using one of the most natural products that the earth has to offer; a resource, which has been used over centuries to build Castles; Cathedrals, and Almshouses alike, and no other product can stand the test of time like natural stone can…Stonehenge and the Pyramids – ‘Say No More !

Stone also adds that natural ‘antique’ beauty to a house, providing a rugged; maintenance free outer skin, which is durable and distinct in character, and like timber it is a living natural product, which often looks better with age as the weathering only adds to the stone’s character. Stone products never ‘date’ and are a timeless reminder of class; style and the skills of traditional craftsmen… you only have to look at a white plastic conservatory to then appreciate the superiority of a hand-crafted stone Orangery.

Although we do not offer a full ‘design and build’ service, we can manufacture the Orangery ‘shell’ in natural stonework to your exact requirements, and can produce ‘General Arrangement’ drawings (Plans, Elevations and Sections… see attached examples) of the shell for your own architect/builder to work with, and to add the finishing touches. We can also recommend suppliers for the windows and roof lantern, if required.

So don’t let the weather spoil your Summer again, with one of these beautiful additions to your property you will be able to relax in style and comfort; in a beautiful garden room, that will not only add value to your house; but more importantly quality to your life.

Please call Richard on 01254 233227 for further details.