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Cobbles, Cobblestones and Setts

Below, you’ll find our present inventory of Reclaimed Cobbles & Setts. Our intention is to offer a variety of Granite, Sandstone, York, and Grit stone cobbles; however, do bear in mind that our stock undergoes frequent updates. It’s important to mention that dimensions may vary for all handmade items.


gritstone cobbles
This product will enhance the look of any garden path or driveway…it’s like a work of art – putting a good quality frame around your property. More info…

£160 per ton loose or £175 per ton bagged (hand-selected into 1-ton bags)

£POA CALL 01254 233227


Granite Cubes
High quality, locally sourced Granite cubes, approximately 4″ x 4” x 4”. Sought after product and back in sto, grab these rare beauties while you can. More info…

£210 per tonne loose, extra £15 for bagging.

£POA CALL 01254 233227


Sandstone Cobbles
Sandstone cobbles reclaimed from the local area! Our reclaimed sandstone cobble setts come in random sizes. Enhances the look of any garden path or driveway. More info…

From £160 per ton loose or £175 per ton bagged (hand selected into 1 ton bags).

£POA CALL 01254 233227


Granite Cobbles
Reclaimed granite cobbles/setts. Cobbles provide a timeless feature of the highest quality in drives, paths and other outdoor areas.

£160 per ton loose or £175 per ton bagged (hand selected into 1 ton bags).

£POA CALL 01254 233227


split cobbles
These cobbles are perfect for garden paths/driveways. or as drystone walling which gives an aesthetically pleasing finished effect to any external/garden walls.

Price is £95 loose, £110 bagged.

£POA CALL 01254 233227


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📞 We often have other or alternative cobbles available, call on 01254 233227 for more information. 📞

The original “Cobble” (Cob) was a rounded river-washed stone, which later gave way to the larger and more regular rectangular shaped ‘Hovis-style’ “‘Sett”’. The name (Cobble or Sett) is different depending on your location or perception, but the product is basically the same. They might come as small as 100mm square cubes or can be as large as 250mm x 200mm x 250mm, and they can be sandstone or granite… but one thing is certain, they are on their way back into fashion ! and there is no better ‘entrance statement’ than a beautifully cobbled driveway.

Whether for cobbled driveways and paths or larger civic areas; more and more architects and developers are being asked to use good old-fashioned street cobbles, instead of the other less robust and less visually pleasing methods of hard-pave construction.

It would be difficult, if not impossible to find another reclaimed stone product that looks as visually stunning and spectacular as a cobble driveway, patio or recreational area.

Cobbles and Setts are widely used to transform otherwise bland open expanses into visually pleasing works of art, and as well as being aesthetically superb they are incredibly robust for every form of foot or vehicle traffic, and when laid properly can be enjoyed by many generations to come.

Common from the 15 the Century onwards, the use of cobbles goes back to Roman times, and they are still evident in most of the historic towns and cities throughout the British Isles today.

When enhancing the timeless charm of period properties, natural stones can be a masterstroke.

These stones’ inherent beauty and durability seamlessly complement the architectural heritage of such properties.

One application that particularly stands out is the incorporation of natural stone paving cobbles.
These meticulously handcrafted cobbles, hewn from various stunning natural stones, can transform the outdoor spaces of period properties into enchanting havens of history and elegance.

Whether revamping a path or driveway, revitalising a charming Victorian terrace or adding character to a stately Georgian mansion, carefully selecting natural stone paving cobbles can profoundly impact.

Natural stone has been revered for its ability to weather the test of time for centuries. The patina that develops on these stones tells a story of past generations, adding an authentic and captivating aura to any period property.

Whether you opt for the rustic charm of reclaimed cobblestones or the uniform elegance of newly quarried materials, the result is an outdoor space that echoes the grace of bygone eras.

The versatility of natural stone paving cobbles is genuinely remarkable. They can be skillfully arranged to create intricate patterns, adding a touch of luxury to driveways, pathways, and courtyards.

These stones come in various hues, from warm earth tones to cool greys, allowing homeowners to choose shades that harmonise with the property’s existing colour palette.

This careful selection ensures that the cobbles enhance the property’s aesthetic appeal and maintain its historical integrity.

Beyond their aesthetic attributes, natural stone paving cobbles are celebrated for their practical benefits.

Their durable nature ensures they can withstand the rigours of daily use and the vagaries of weather, offering a long-lasting solution requiring minimal maintenance.

The rough texture of the cobbles provides a naturally slip-resistant surface, enhancing safety for residents and visitors alike.

In conclusion, integrating natural stone paving cobbles into the outdoor spaces of period properties is a design choice that pays homage to the past while providing lasting beauty and functionality.

The synergy between the enduring allure of natural stones and the architectural splendour of period properties creates a genuinely captivating ambience.

Whether you’re seeking to enhance the elegance of a Victorian townhouse or elevate the grandeur of a Tudor estate, using these exquisite cobbles can turn an ordinary outdoor area into a breathtaking testament to history and style.

If you are looking for a paving or flooring solution that will last like no other, you really should consider our huge range of reclaimed York stone products. We have thousands of York stone flags in stock in our yard and we can cater for any requirements no matter how bespoke. Call us today to discuss your exact requirements and we will be more than happy to provide you with a no obligation, free quote for supplying you with reclaimed York stone.