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Established in 2006, Steptoes yard has grown to become the largest reclamation centre in the North of England. Spanning over 12 acres, our yard is filled with a fanytastic range of high quality reclaimed and new stone products perfect fpr both domestic and commercial construction projects.

Who are we?

Steptoe’s Yard Ltd and its sister company Hardcore Crushing Ltd are two small family companies owned and operated by Andrew Shorten and his wife Kathryne.

Together these companies employ 27 staff and operatives and both operate from a 12-acre reclamation yard in Altham, near Accrington.

Both Companies became incorporated in 2006 and in recent years have achieved steady growth which has, in turn, allowed significant reinvestment into new plant and equipment in order to help secure the companies’ place in the market going forward. Despite the recent economic downturn we have continued to expand the business and have started to move away from the provision of operated demolition plant on a sub-contract basis, to carrying out the role of Principal Demolition Contractor on a growing number of schemes, and the Company has recently employed a new Contracts Manager & Estimator with 30 years of experience in the construction industry in order to help take the Company forward into its next phase of growth.

One of our Company core values is that ‘we must try to ensure that the world we leave behind is better than, the one we found’ and a key part of this vision is to help the construction industry procure materials in a sustainable manner and recycle wherever possible.… hence our Company logo – “Recycling the Past for the Future” 

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What do we do?

We specialise in reclaimed stone and building materials for renovation & restoration from the humble terraced home to the stately mansion.

We reclaim a wide range of stone products from demolition sites around the area, and we are now able to supply all new sawn stone products either hewn from old reclaimed stone or from locally quarried stone.

As much of our industrial past is razed to the ground in order to make way for more efficient working and living accommodation, we feel that it is important to rescue valuable resources so that they may be re-built into the new environment; thereby ensuring that the efforts of those quarrymen and craftsmen of yesteryear do not end up buried.

Here at our yard we have a large display area where we showcase some of our stone mason’s skills and where our customers can physically see what can be achieved using a range of recycled stone products.

Our approach to demolition and salvage ensures that every piece of stone, brick, concrete and earth is recycled, and if it cannot be re-used in new above-ground structures, then it is crushed and screened into recycled aggregates for use in sub-base construction and filling works.