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Beautiful Cobbled Driveways

Beautiful Cobbled Driveways

cobbled drivewayA cobbled driveway can completely change the look of a property and with a driveway made up of cobbles it makes the property look grand and very plush. There are many reasons to have a cobbled driveway installed and the aesthetic reasons are not the only reasons.

Most cobbled driveways will consists of cobblestone pavers that are made up mainly of granite, however basalt and others rocks may be used and called cobblestones once they have been laid. The great thing about granite is that is is a very hard material and has been used in this way for centuries, and the proof of their ruggedness and durability is shown by the fact that some of these driveways are still in place.

This type of driveway will really put up with heavy use and will offer a unique look to the property. You may hear of cobblestone pavers being referred to as Belgian block pavers and they can be quite expensive. Do not be put off by this, even though there are alternatives out there, the granite is resistant from stains, does not get weathered all that easily and will not split or crack.

Another good thing about this type of driveway is that it requires very little maintenance. Occasionally it will require a washing of some sort and weeding, but apart from that, they are simple to look after. The average cobblestone driveway, if laid correctly will remain stable and usable for 100 years or more. This is great value for money and will certainly add to the value of the property as well as look great.

To install a cobble driveway can be extremely hard work and very labor intensive, but there are no requirement’s for special skills or machinery. The job can be carried out as a DIY project, but asking a well-respected and recommended specialist in the field to carry out the work will ensure that the job is completed to a high standard. With cobbles being known to be strong, they will only be as strong as the installation and this is an important thing to remember.

A cobbled driveway can make a world of difference to any property and choosing the right materials and the correct people to carry out the job will ensure the driveway is laid in a way that will really complement the property.


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