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The benefits of using Reclaimed stone

reclaimed stoneIf you are looking to make some improvements to your home and attempt to give it that amazing look then people often opt for using stone.

Stone can be used almost everywhere in the home and can really make a home stand out. With its versatility, it can be used internally or externally and it has many positive reasons why it should be used. Not only is it beautiful, it is non-toxic, durable and non-porous which makes it a great addition to any home. The only factor that goes against it is the fact that it can be costly and this can make many people decide against it. However, there is an option that makes purchasing stone a possibility, and this is buying reclaimed stone.

There are many benefits to using reclaimed stone and the first and most important factor is the cost. The cost of purchasing reclaimed stone can be up to 30 per cent less than buying new and although it may have imperfections it will still look as good. Reclaimed stone is available from many places and your first port of call would be a reclamation warehouse or yard. Here they will have various types sizes and cut offs, all of which can be used. Stone with scratches and markings need not be an issue as you can request that you have those damaged and marked pieces removed before purchasing as you may not require the whole of the slab. The other benefit of using reclaimed stone is that it is classed as recycling so you are saving materials from being thrown into landfill and therefore helping the environment.

The use of reclaimed stone can enable you to create eye catching designs within the home and it can be used internally and externally. Reclaimed stone is a great feature to have and internally can make a real difference. The stone can be used to create windowsills, and if more than one slab is required, even if there is a slight colour difference it often will not be noticeable and in some cases creates a rustic look. Stone can be used around fireplaces as well as walls, the stone can even be used to create furniture. The possibilities of reclaimed stone are endless.

Externally, the stone can be used to create a BBQ area as a great focal point for the garden and it can even be used as paving to give the garden a unique look. The stone does not need to be perfect for this kind of thing, so that may make it a little easier when choosing and purchasing reclaimed stone.

Reclaimed stone is a great material to use around the home. It is unique, versatile and a great alternative to other options as well as being affordable.


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