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Choosing Yorkstone Paving for Your Kitchen Floor

Yorkstone Paving for your kitchenYorkstone Paving is a wonderful flooring option if you are thinking about remodeling your kitchen. It has a natural beauty and wears extremely well. Yorkstone Paving is versatile because it comes in different sizes, different natural shades, can be polished, left unpolished, and can be sealed or left natural. The product can end up looking very natural or very modern depending on the choices made when purchasing the stone.

The product can be purchased as a set of tiles, all matching in size which is referred to as sawn. Sawn Yorkstone Paving is cut to a precise size and can be polished to a slick smooth surface. Since Sawn Yorkstone Paving is uniform in size, pieces can be laid more quickly and therefore save money on installation costs. Most people going for a more modern look choose the Sawn Yorkstone Paving. It creates a very high end look for your kitchen.

The other option is Riven Yorkstone Paving. It comes in random size stones. It is a little more rough than the Sawn Yorkstone Paving, but is still a wonderful choice for flooring. Since Riven Yorkstone Paving is not uniform in size can be a little more costly to install because of the time it takes to fit the proper stones into the proper place. It usually creates more of a natural look in the kitchen, which is great if the decor is traditional or country.

The final option is reclaimed Yorkstone Paving, this is when the flags have been reclaimed from projects during remodeling, renovations and demolition. It is a great option for consumers who are environmentally conscious about their construction choices. Using the reclaimed product can create issues because of availability, as consumers may not be able to get enough of the same product from a single reclamation site, the stones may not be worn and colored exactly the same but if a customer is flexible about their finished product, it can be a great choice for them.

Sealing the Yorkstone Paving is a personal choice. Most consumers want to protect their investment and seal the stone to protect it from stains. Others want the stone to appear natural and accept that stains are part of process of living. Some contractors will intentionally stain the stone with coffee or tea at the consumers request because it creates an aged look. This helps to tie the stone in with the decor of the kitchen when the consumer wants an old world feel to their kitchen.

Since Yorkstone Paving is a natural stone product, it can be cold under your feet in the winter or if you live in a cold climate. One way to solve cold feet on a stone floor is to add a radiant floor heating system to your kitchen. This decision will need to be made before the stone is installed. It is an added expense, but one that your toasty toes will thank you for later. If you live in a warmer or tropical climate, the cool stone will be a welcome feeling all year long.


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