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Early Christmas Present

Steptoe’s Yard Ltd have just taken delivery of an early Christmas present to ourselves…two ‘brand spanking’ Caterpillar CAT313’s 14-tonne demolition specification excavators.

This brings our fleet of excavators to 16 in total ! ranging from a ‘titchy’(but extremely useful) 6-tonne machine, up to our 40-tonne ‘bigger hitters’.

These new 14-tonne machines are ideal for those smaller demolition projects where space is ‘tight’ but when you still need some muscle and ‘reach’ to get the structures down, and when working on smaller sites where space is restricted the machines on-board “CAT DETECT” system is a superb ‘People Detection’ safety feature, which helps protect the most valuable asset on any site – “People”.

The system uses smart cameras with depth sensors to provide the operator with visual and auditory alerts so he or she can take immediate action when a person is too close to the excavator.

The new CAT313 offers superior performance and operator efficiency for this weight class of machine.

It features standard, easy-to-use CAT technologies, a new cab which has been focused on operator comfort and productivity and coupled with low fuel and maintenance costs allowing us to process demolition materials all day with speed and precision while keeping more money in our pocket.

These CAT313’s will be a welcomed addition to our fleet and a great compliment to our larger machinery and we have two more heavier machines ordered for delivery in the New Year to further add to our growing fleet of demolition plant.

It’s “Onwards and Upwards” here at Steptoe’s Yard Ltd and Hardcore Crushing Ltd


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