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Reclaimed materials have been growing increasingly popular in recent years, and there are several great reasons for this. Reclaimed materials can look great, add a distinct touch of history to your home and, depending on their condition, potentially have a delightfully rustic, weathered look.

They can also be high-quality and cheaper than brand new materials of the same quality, despite the fact some would say that the element of history makes them better than simply buying materials new.

Reclaimed materials can be used inside or outside the home, and when it comes to the outside reclaimed cobbles are a great material that can enhance the look of your property in a number of ways.


Cobbles are traditionally used, of course, for roads and streets, and they have a reputation for being charming and full of character. They are therefore perfect for being repurposed as the domestic equivalent of a road; a driveway.

A reclaimed cobble stone driveway will add the same kind of delightful old-fashioned charm that it lends to some of the UK’s most scenic historic towns, as well as proving a practical and hardwearing driveway surface that will look much more appealing than tarmac or gravel.


A similar but different way of using cobbles, which is equally charming, is to provide a place not to drive but to walk.

Garden pathways made from reclaimed cobbles offer the same historic delights as cobbled driveways, and provide a similar level of enhancement to the exterior look of your property and the surrounding gardens or grounds. This might simply be a path leading up to your front door, or it could be a whole network of idyllic, little, winding paths throughout a spacious garden.

In fact, the latter option has an advantage over either a driveway or a path to the front door. Where the other two options are only really admired when looking straight at your house from the outside and tend to be ignored when in use, you can take plenty of time to enjoy the charms of winding, cobbled garden paths as you wander among whatever plants you see fit to fill your garden with.


Driveways and pathways may be closest to the most famous original use of cobbles, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only thing they’re good for. Cobbles also make great patios, dining areas, and general outdoor hard surfaces.

A patio made from reclaimed cobbles will be an attractive addition to your garden and bring a touch of history to your property, whether it’s straight outside a big set of French doors or set somewhere right in the middle of your garden or at the bottom.

As well as helping to enhance the look of your home, they will also enhance your ability to enjoy its outdoor spaces by providing a practical and hardwearing area to eat, relax, or hold social gatherings in warmer weather.

Steptoes Yard stock mountains of cobbles on a constant basis, call us to speak about your requirements with a member of our friendly team.


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