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When buying York Stone products, always ask the experts

York Stone PavingSteptoes Yard are experts when it comes to the supply of York stone and natural stone paving. It is what we built our business on and we are extremely proud of how we have developed into one of the UK’s premier suppliers over the years, we’ve supplied our customers with thousands of square metres of paving.

Each project we provide stone for creates another set of queries and questions for us to sort out and always adds to our knowledge of this outstanding product.

A recent Steptoes Yard customer commented:
“The attention to detail that the team at Steptoes Yard placed on every aspect of my project was remarkable, the detailing with the riven York stone paving was a pleasure to witness. This really is a company with excellent knowledge and all round technical skills.”

York stone paving really does have unbeatable status and with it’s subtle tones and qualities it is used widely within fine garden communities. When this product is laid properly, in the correct setting there really is no match, it can add a timeless quality to any patio or garden area.

York stone flags are available in two simple forms – reclaimed or new. Reclaimed York Stone usually comes from a number of sources such as derelict northern mills, private homes and flagstone pavements that were laid in more prosperous times. All of this means you are often getting around a century or possibly more of history with the stone that you purchase, but character’ is the word often used with reclaimed stone as you may find evidence of use in parking bays such as oil patches or tyre grooves, blobs of chewing gum from times gone by or bolt holes where the stones have laid under heavy machines for lots of years.

York stone flagsAlways seek the advice of an expert such as Steptoes Yard as it is quite easy to be seduced by the word ‘reclaimed’ and tricked into buying large flags that can be 50-mm thick at one end and around 200-mm thick at the other, and these flags can be almost impossible to lay on your own, it can also be very difficult to create any sort of consistent hardcore base for flags of this size and shape so you really need proper advice and guidance from a reputable company.

At Steptoes Yard we always invite you to view any stone we have recommended or that you are thinking of buying.

Brand new York Stone is still being quarried by the boat load and is often around two thirds of the price of reclaimed stone, It is usually more regular in thickness (usually 50-75-mm) meaning it isn’t as heavy and is easier to lay. Although the character is no where near the same as reclaimed, once new stone is laid, it can weather quickly and looks beautiful.

Laid well, York stone provides a timeless quality to any garden, but laid badly it can be an expensive eyesore. Be sure to get it right first time!


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