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External and Internal Use for Yorkstone Paving

Yorkstone Paving for External or Internal Use

yorkstone pavingYorkstone paving has a look that is totally unique which is why it is used in homes and other properties across the country. This type of paving is tough, attractive and it can be bought in the quantities that you need. You might also be surprised to learn that you can use it externally or internally for creating floors, paths or raised patio areas.

If you are planning on using Yorkstone paving outside of the home you will want to go for stones that are cut quite thickly. You will find that these offer the best features in terms of durability – in fact they will last for hundreds of years once they are in place.

If you want to use this type of stone inside go for a thinner cut which will not be as heavy on the floor. As with all of the stone products that we have available you will be able to choose the colour and style of paving to suit your home. You will find that once this floor is laid you will get years and years of use out of it, even in heavy footfall areas.

For a great look in and around the home choose Yorkstone paving from Steptoes Yard.