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Steptoe's Yard Celebrates Jak Hall's Gold Roof Championship Win

Jak Hall

Keeping green and doing our bit for the planet

ecofriendlylogoAt Steptoes Yard we are constantly doing our bit for the environment, the vast majority of our products are from recycled and reclaimed materials and products and the planet is always at the forefront of our mind.

Running a large fleet of vehicles and machinery is hard work, keeping on top of maintenance can be extremely expensive and fuel costs can often take your breath away.

At Steptoes Yard we recently teamed up with The Fuel Card Company and with our carbon footprint in mind and a environmentally friendly approach to our business we chose the Ecopoint package. This package includes a free Tree Planting initiative which is implemented alongside the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust, this enables us to offset our CO² emissions as well as providing us with MPG Reports which allow us to measure and improve the fuel efficiency of our drivers and machinery.

The Fuelcard Company have a number of solutions available which make running and managing your fleet a much simpler and hassle free, while also saving you money!

Fuel fraud costs the UK around £136 million per year but The Fuel Card Company boast the most secure cards available.

Make improvements to the environmental image of your company and add more miles to the range of your fleet by visiting today.


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