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Lodge Mill Demolition Lancashire

ET Riddiough

Work is now in full flow with the demolition of Lodge Mill in Burnley. The mill has been home to ET Riddiough, the caravan accessory wholesaler for a large number of years but they have now relocated to a business park elsewhere in the town.

The mill has stood for well over 100 years and on October 22nd 1905 Burnley witnessed one of its largest ever blazes as oil from the cotton seeds and fluff created from the process of spinning combined and ignited, flames swept through the mill and the fire lasted 2 days, reducing the mill to a burnt shell.

A number of businesses have occupied the mill since it was re-built after the fire; Riddioughs being the most long-standing and successful of these, operating a wholesale business, with at one point up to a dozen trucks being loaded and dispatched on a weekly basis to every corner of the UK.

Hardcore Crushing tendered for the demolition contractor works and secured the contract against some very stiff competition and we began the demolition process around the end of March.

The majority of the materials from the demolition of Lodge Mill will be recycled, with only a small amount of ‘waste material’ (less than 3%) going to landfill.

The close location of our stone yard; merely 5 miles as the crow flies, ensures that vehicle journeys are kept to a minimum, ensuring as little impact on the environment as possible and adding to the overall ‘sustainability’ of the scheme.

Each of the concrete floor slabs; foundations and brickwork will be crushed on site to produce a recycled aggregate that can be used in the permanent works, and reducing the need to import virgin quarried stone, and further enhancing the environmental benefits of the project.