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Only natural York Stone will add to the beauty and charm of your property

york stone flagsYork Stone flags are natural stone that has been used for hundreds of years, having been quarried from the Pennine grit stones of Yorkshire, and used all over the country for pathways, roads and mill floors. York Stone is a natural product with a natural texture and colour; it is hard-wearing, strong and looks good too.

There is no better paving choice than natural York Stone, whether you are refurbishing the patio of an old building, a country farmhouse or cottage and want to ensure that you retain the character of the original build, or if you are building a new property, York Stone is flexible, readily available and will create or retain the desired character and appeal of your home.

Countryside homes are usually built from the same grit stone that they stand on, meaning that they fit into the countryside as if they are a part of the landscape. You don’t want to build a luxurious patio that stands out like a sore thumb or creates an unattractive blot in your beautiful view. Reclaimed York Stone Flags have been salvaged from old mills, streets and yards, and has already been worn and weathered, adding to the character of a new addition to your home. Reclaimed York Stone flags are typical of the stone flags that you would expect to find inside a Church, which is why they are often referred to as ‘Cathedral quality’. Suitable for internal and external use, the best quality reclaimed York Stone flags produce beautifully aged external stone patios, paths or steps as well as rustic swimming pools, hallways and conservatories.

All York Stone flags come in different shapes and sizes and can be cut to create a visually stunning neat patio or garden area, or can be used as it comes to create a crazy York Stone paving area. A less expensive method of producing an external patio with the same aged and weathered appearance that you would get from York Stone paving flags, crazy York Stone paving creates a more interesting look while still adding to the charm and character of your home.

While a lot of York Stone paving flags are reclaimed, new York Stone flags are still quarried to this day and can be made to a variety of different sizes. New York Stone is typically a mixture of golden brown and buff brown, sometimes grey. A solution to using natural stone on a newer and more modern property, adding character but not looking out of place, new York Stone flags can come in a range of finishes, as well as the traditional riven texture, the flags can be finished with a combed or chiselled look.

Using natural stone such as York Stone has several advantages over the concrete alternative, not least the visual appearance of your new patio or garden, the stone has an indefinite life span and a high re-sale value should it ever need to be replaced. Whether renovating an old property or building a new home, reclaimed or new York Stone can add real quality, character and charm to your property and ensure that you enjoy your new garden for years to come.


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