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New or old walling stone

Reconstituted Walling Stone VS Real Walling Stone

walling stoneWalls need to be sturdy and well built in order to be safe and last for years. With so many materials for building walls, fences and borders out there you will be wondering which is the best to use. This might lead you to consider the benefits of using reconstituted walling stone instead of the real deal.

To help you to decide here are some of the differences between the two.

Durability – real stone will last for many years without showing any signs of cracking or splitting, even when it has not been protected. Reconstituted stone can become porous over time and have thermal movement which can lead to weakened areas in the wall.

Appearance – each individual real stone will have its own character which is all part of the appeal. If you choose the reconstituted stone you will notice that each one will look identical, which is good news if you want a really uniform appearance. So when it comes down to appearance it really is down to personal preference.

Cost – reconstituted stone can be slightly cheaper than real stone but it will not last as long. In other words if you want a quality product you will need to opt for real stone.

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