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Popular uses of York Stone Flags

Do you love the look of York stone and want to incorporate it into your home or outdoor space? With York stone flags you can easily work in this attractive material into your living space. Some of the most popular uses include:

Homely York Stone Hearths

Use York stone flags to create a durable hearth that will be a focal point of your room. Most hearths will use 5 York stone flags – two at the back and three at the front. These are laid in the fireplace and provide the ideal surface for a wood burner, log fire or even a modern electric fire.

To get an idea of the size of flags you will need measure the back dimensions of the fireplace (the section that goes into the wall) and note how far you want the hearth to come out into your room (depth and width). Take these measurements to a reputable reclamation yard and they will help you to find the best flags.

A project like this should take around half a day to complete and will last for a lifetime.

Long Lasting Kitchen Flooring

The kitchen is the heart of the home and with the help of York stone flags you can make yours look amazing. Finding flags that suit the look and feel of your kitchen will be made easy if you opt for reclaimed stone. With flags of all shapes, sizes and finishes available the only thing you need to think about is the measurements of your kitchen.

Many people think that York stone flags or any type of stone flooring will make a room cold. This is not the case. While stone floors can feel cold in the winter if they are an unheated space, they warm up in the home and can even retain heat. Flooring will be even warmer if you have a wood burner or fireplace in the kitchen. Under floor radiant heating can also help to make floors warmer.

You will find that floors like this are simple to keep clean and they will not get scratched or damaged like tiles can. When wet flags do not have the same slippery surface that many kitchen floors have, which increases safety. You do have to keep in mind that any crockery or glassware that is dropped will smash, so watch out who does the dishes!

Eye Catching Outdoor Paving

York stone flags are a favourite for paving driveways, creating patios, making paths and bases for garden features. Reclaimed stone has so much character and it will transform the outside of your home instantly. Old stone which has been used as paving in the past has so much history in it and visitors will see this. In fact, good York stone flags new concrete ‘stone’ paving options look poor in comparison.

Putting in the time and effort to lay outdoor paving means that you can’t afford to use the wrong stone or it could all go very wrong. You should always get advice on your project at the reclamation yard to ensure you are getting the right thickness of paving stone for your needs. For instance a garden path with a light footfall would use thinner York stone flag than a driveway that was used by one or more cars. Don’t be put off by this, there is always someone on hand to answer any questions and to point you in the right direction.

Reclamation yards have a massive range of flags made from York stone that can be used on any size of project. If you need any flags cutting to size it is no problem, your reclamation yard has the tools to do it.


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