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Recycle and use reclaimed bricks and create a garden path with character.

As Spring beckons it’s time to start to think about the garden and put plans in place for this year. Keen gardeners are constantly in the garden planning things, winter doesn’t stop them, it just slows them down a little and as soon as we get a decent spell of weather its all systems go.

One thing that people struggle with is garden paths, there are numerous solutions and materials to use and a lot depends on the style you are looking for but we are championing for the use of reclaimed bricks, a fantastic solution for paths, walkways and driveways.

Here are a handful of in-expensive garden path solutions:

chip bark garden pathChip bark offers an inexpensive solution and initially can look very good but as it ages and gets wet it starts to look a little untidy. If your path is in an area that can be affected by wind then chip bark tends to get kicked up and swirled around a little and chip bark can also be an attraction for cats, you may only get a year out of it and need to replace it.

Chip bark occasionally can smell a little funny as well depending on where it has come from and if you have children in the family and they are going to spend time in the garden a chip bark path is not great if you let them run free as it is possible and quite easy for them to get splinters in feet and hands.


Stone Chip Garden PathPebbles or Stone Chips also look good but can be quite expensive and the work involved can be immense depending on where the merchant can drop them and then where you need to barrow them to. Pebbles will last quite a while longer than chip bark but again they get kicked around and certain areas will be affected more than others, they can also be a little uneven under the feet.

Stone chippings and pebbles are difficult to keep tidy, once they have been moved around by feet and kicked into flower beds and lawns tidying them up is a time consuming job.


Reclaimed Brick Garden PathReclaimed bricks are a fantastic solution, again you would need to move them from one area to another depending on where they can be dropped when delivered and in most cases you would need some sand to lay them properly but once laid they will look great and last a lifetime. Reclaimed bricks are very similar to block paving and most reclamation yards will clean the bricks up for you before delivery if you ask them. Laid properly they will be firm under feet, wont be kicked around and moved and definitely will not be affected by wind. The area will also be easily cleaned as you will be able to brush over them, reclaimed bricks will add a little character to your garden, maybe your bricks will be reclaimed from a local mill or a place that meant something to you previously.

Also by using recycled bricks you are doing your bit for the environment and in some cases recycled bricks will be of a finer quality than new ones.

To talk to us about recycled bricks call Richard on 01254 233227.


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