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For a really unique and interesting addition to any home, look into reclaimed flagstones and cobbles for a garden, pathway or even kitchen areas. You will be able to give your home a vintage look which is completely cost effective and environmentally friendly. Reclamation yards are a fantastic place to pick up reclaimed natural stone for almost any purpose. You can find slim, smooth flagstones for interior use, or thicker stones which will work fantastically for shop floors or dramatic garden flooring.

If you are looking to create the ideal home then the first thing to consider is budget. It is worthwhile spending a little extra if you know that what you are buying will last as long as the house does. But why not look into cheaper options which will still last a long time and also give the house something a bit special? Choose a nearby reclamation yard to explore and see what your options are for reclaimed stone. It may be better to go without a specific room and purpose in mind so that you can keep your mind open to ideas. This will give you the chance to find the perfect flooring or decorative element to almost any room in the house. You do not need to buy straight away, but take notes on what you have found and what you are interested in, so that you can go home and match your findings to your home. Keep an eye out for sandstone flags in various thicknesses as these can be a wonderful way to create interesting flooring within the home. The flags will be smooth and cool to the touch which can be a great way of regulating temperature in a kitchen or hallway. The flags will be long lasting and attractive whatever you choose to do with them, so are also great value for money.

Don’t neglect your garden, as reclaimed flags and cobbles can take a garden from mediocre to magnificent! Look for the various options available to you and take your ideas back to the garden to see what you could do with the stone you have discovered. Think outside the box so instead of creating a patio you may create a cobbled courtyard in the centre of the garden. Or you may want a winding path going through the rest of your horticultural design.

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