Use Reclaimed Stone To Add Character To Your New Build

reclaimed stoneStone is man’s oldest building material, and few things can match its durability. Yes, building with stone can be somewhat more expensive than building with wood, but you get what you pay for. As an example just look at any rural area, and look at the dilapidated wooden barns that dot the landscape. Contrast that with the stone manor houses of Europe, many of which were built many, many years ago but are still standing strong today. Indeed, many of them are still being lived in!

If you’ve made the decision to build with stone, then before you buy new, you should consider heading to the nearest reclamation yard and checking out the reclaimed stone on offer. In addition to finding great deals, you’ll often find a variety of hidden treasures in the yard that will take your project from beautiful design to unforgettable work of art.

People gravitate toward reclaimed stone for two primary reasons. First is the simple fact that it just looks better. The problem you sometimes run into when using all new stone in a build is yes, it looks good, but it also tends to look a bit like something from a movie prop, which lends it an air of unreality. If that’s what you’re looking for, then new stone is your material of choice, but when most people choose to build with stone, what they’re really after is character, that old, weathered look.

New stones just don’t have the same feel and look that you find on the reclaimed variety, and it is often their patina that gives your finished build a character, grace, beauty and sense of history that it would otherwise be lacking.

Why build something ordinary, when you can build a one of a kind work of art that will stand the test of time? Talk to us about the stone we have in stock, many items come from our demolition contractor works from across the North of England.


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