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When it comes to home improvement, reclaimed stone is a fantastic choice of material to compliment almost any room in your property and can be used both internally and externally.

These days it seems the interior design and home improvement rage is following retro styles, creating big white spaces and having features that really grab people’s attention and provide the focal point of a room – for this reason creating an interior with a reclaimed stone feature would be a great idea.

In your living room you may be sick of having plain walls and a fireplace that has been around for years; reclaimed stone makes the perfect material for fireplaces and for creating really traditional and stylish interior walls whilst also being very affordable compared to other materials.

Imagine replacing your plain fire surround with any array of unique shapes and sizes of stones that give your whole room a boost the minute you’ve created your masterpiece.

It’s not just walls and fitted features that can benefit – you could easily create accessories to go on your tables, shelves or window sills and it is extremely possible that you may want to create a table or piece of furniture using the stone.

The garden area can certainly be one area of your property to maximise to its full potential; reclaimed stone would be a fantastic material for creating a natural BBQ, bird table, wall, storage area or just about anything you like.

When it comes to paving and flooring there’s no better look achieved than by using stone. Depending on the type of stone or variety of types, you could create a magical garden pathway or floor feature whilst it’s possible to get the castle floor look internally to compliment other features and accessories in your home.

In summary – it is well worth considering reclaimed stone as a very viable and affordable alternative to the norm when it comes to home improvement…you might even surprise yourself with your new found creativity!



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