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Reclaimed stone on your self build

A number of ways in which you can use reclaimed Yorkstone on your self-build project.

reclaimed stoneReclaimed Yorkstone is very widely used when it comes to self-build projects, it looks great, it is more environmentally friendly than lots of the new building materials available and it provides real value for money.

Yorkstone is a very versatile product and you will find there are lots of different uses for Yorkstone if you are building yourself a dream home.



Kitchen Floors look great with Reclaimed Yorkstone flags.

York Stone PavingIf you are looking for a traditional country kitchen then a stone floor is essential. You should look to use high-quality reclaimed Yorkstone flags as the finish is outstanding and they will last a lifetime.

Cathedral Grade flagstones, reclaimed from places with heavy foot traffic such as churches, public houses and other public buildings provide a natural colour and a smooth finish which will provide your kitchen with lots of character, and if you are going to install underfloor heating they are a great option.



The use of Natural stone provides is a great option for exterior walls.

reclaimed stoneReclaimed walling stone from public buildings, old barns and Edwardian and Victorian homes is the perfect choice for the external walls of your stone constructed house.
This stone has already been through a gradual weathering process over the years and provides an older Yorkshire stone appearance, this type of stone will help your dream home blend in to the rural or village surroundings that you are building in, often keeping existing residents happy.



For roofing use Reclaimed Yorkstone roof tiles and slates.

stone roofingNowadays house builders often use clay or concrete roof tiles, and these lack real character and aren’t a suitable option for a quality self build, these are the choice of mass produced homes by the major house builders on large estates.
A reclaimed stone roof is much more pleasing to the eye, will give your new home a traditional look and will often well outlast clay and concrete.



Nice touches for you windows and doors.

walling stoneWindow and door apertures look great when finished in stone and they provide a traditional, high-quality look, a good reclamation yard will be able to supply and cut to the required size reclaimed heads, jambs and cills and they don’t need to be expensive.





Finish off your garden walls and paving with natural stone.

reclaimed walling stone Create an idyllic garden with natural stone products and items. Patios and paths look great when finished in reclaimed flagstones and dry stone walls are a fantastic way to enclose your garden and property as a whole.


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