Do Cobbles need to be Sealed?

cobblesAre you looking for a charming way to add some character to your home? Are you a fan of the natural look and want to use cobbles? If you do then you will love the choice that is available at a good reclaimed stone merchant. Cobbles are tough, they look fantastic and they are readily available which is why they are being used more and more.

If you have never used this kind of material before you may have several questions regarding their use. One of these is should cobbles be sealed? A cobble is ideal for use outdoors and when you are thinking about them as individual items they will not need to be sealed. However, when you are going to be using them on paths, for decoration or anywhere else that will get a lot of traffic going over them you might want to seal the areas in-between them. By doing this you will prevent water from getting underneath and displacing the stones.

Some people like to seal stone to keep it looking as clean as possible and while this is fine, you do need to check that the product you are using is suitable or the surface can crack and get waterlogged.


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