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Steptoe’s Yard hits the headlines for Stone Flags supplies

Steptoes Yard was recently featured in an article in the Craven Herald about our project supplying stone flags to be used on footpaths high up in the Yorkshire Dales. Read more on the link below.

Steptoe’s Yard has long been a hub for reclaimed materials, but its impact extends far beyond its home county. In a collaborative effort that bridged the borders between Lancashire and Yorkshire, around 100 tonnes of old reclaimed stone mill flags found new purpose in the Yorkshire Dales. This partnership between Steptoe’s Yard and the Yorkshire Dales community has yielded profound results, ensuring the safety and preservation of cherished footpaths for many years to come.

The project in question involved repairing a well-trodden pathway that winds its way from the towering summit of Buckden Pike, standing at an awe-inspiring 702 meters (2,303 feet) above sea level. Buckden Pike is one of the iconic Wharfedale Three Peaks, and its trails offer breathtaking views of the Yorkshire Dales that have captivated hikers and nature enthusiasts for generations.

The path, which connects Buckden Pike to the memorial dedicated to Polish airmen, stands as a tribute to the brave souls who served during times of war. It continues onward to Great Whernside, an imposing peak that beckons adventurers with its rugged beauty.

However, preserving this path was no small feat. The terrain was challenging, with stretches of boggy land that made the task more demanding. This is where Steptoe’s Yard played a pivotal role. They provided approximately 100 tonnes of old reclaimed stone mill flags, carefully selected to withstand the test of time and weather, ensuring the path’s durability.

Transporting such a massive amount of stone to a remote location high up in the Yorkshire Dales was no small endeavor. The solution? A helicopter, which elegantly carried the stone flags to their destination, sparing the delicate ecosystem below from any further disruption. It was a testament to the dedication of all involved, from the skilled craftsmen at Steptoe’s Yard to the adventurous helicopter pilots, working together to preserve the natural beauty of the region.

The result of this collaborative effort is not merely a repaired footpath; it’s a symbol of the enduring spirit of preservation, community, and sustainability. Steptoe’s Yard’s contribution ensures that future generations will continue to explore these ancient pathways, connecting with the rich history and breathtaking landscapes that the Yorkshire Dales have to offer.