Every business, especially ones in the construction and demolition trades, should be paying massive attention to their materials and how to make sure that everything they do and the products produce are both sustainable and environmentally friendly to match.

It is a huge priority over the coming years for all businesses to reduce their carbon footprint due to recent European and government rules which mean that we all have to adhere to guidelines when it comes to waste and recycling to create a better future for generations for years to come – here at Steptoe’s Yard we make it an essential part of our business as our logo says.

Working with, stocking and supplying reclaimed materials means that we are giving the construction industry a massive chance to use building materials that are already available right away from previous projects and have been gathered from places such as old construction sites, demolition sites and quarries.

Every builder can create a wall, path, building or many other things with our reclaimed stone and this means that there is no need to manufacture materials using tools and machinery that harm the environment and also drain natural resources.

It is with satisfaction that we deal day in day out, all year round with materials that have such a positive effect on the environment and should continue to for many years to come.

If every construction firm looked at reclaimed or recycled materials as their number one choice for projects, the world would be a much better place as pollution and harmful gasses would be significantly reduced right away which obviously has a massive knock on effect on the environment as a whole.

Cost is also a key factor – what business wants to pay more for materials having to be manufactured instead of using materials that are already in place and ready to use from past projects that will add character and save them money? The answer should be none!

If you would like to know more about our products and discuss the environmental benefits please get in touch today.


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