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Why use sandstone cobbles

Why use sandstone cobbles

Sandstone CobblesIn today’s world where almost every family has a vehicle, a house is not considered to be complete without a garage or a driveway. In almost every house, the first thing that the guests would notice would be the driveway as well as the walkway through the front door. This means that improving the design and the build quality of the driveway and the walkway remains to be an integral part of home improvement regardless of the size of the estate.

Sandstone cobbles have been used in road pavements for centuries and this has proven to be one of the toughest materials available, some can still be seen in ruins of ancient Europe, and most of the paved roads seen on castles and on large estates simply add to the premium feel while integrating in to the overall design.

However, the use of sandstone cobbles for walkways and driveways is not limited to the rich and wealthy. If you own a house and would like to improve it’s look, try using sandstone cobbles on the driveway, you will immediately see a difference.

When building a house, the design of the building as well as the materials used is entirely up to the preference of the owner. This includes the design of the walls, the roof and the walkway or the driveway to the garage and sandstone cobbles have proved time and time again to be one of the best materials used when designing this area of a house.

Using sandstone cobbles on walkways and driveways makes the estate more presentable. It makes it more realistic; it is customisable and can be patterned according, again, to the owner’s preference. Aside from its intricate design, cobbles can also ensure a tight grip on the wheels or the shoes which ensures safe passage of people and vehicles. The cobbles are weather proof and are known to last for a very long time which makes them great in countries where there are lots of changes in weather conditions.

When laid with cement, the cobbles tend to be very sturdy. Sandstone cobbles can also be polished for a smoother surface like the walkway while others want their cobbles to be rough especially if being installed in the driveway.
Homes with gardens can also use sandstone cobbles as a way to improve the place.

Sandstones cobbles are also used on paths towards and around a swimming pool or perhaps the walkway from the garden to the garage. Large buildings and businesses including private and public parks also use sandstone cobbles in walkways and car park design, usually to distinguish the gardens from the path as well as adding to the overall design. Sandstone cobbles really are one of the best materials to be used for pavement and driveway design.


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