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Why are Cobbles Making a Comeback?

cobblesHome and outdoor trends will change but one material that is making a comeback and being seen all over the country is the cobble. So why are they so popular?

Cobbles are very durable, there are some streets in the UK that have original stones that have coped with more 200 years of traffic! This also makes them very cost effective in the long term.

They provide an interesting alternative to newer paving for streets. Getting the outside paving or driveway of your home is essential if you want to create a traditional look.

Cobbles can be used as a deterrent for people and vehicles by laying them on end and widely spread. The resulting surface is one that is hard (and sometimes painful) to walk on and impossible to get a trolley, cycle or pram over.

With so many types of cobbles at your reclamation yard you can choose a colour and shape of stone that suits your property.

Once they have been laid they are incredibly easy to maintain. Simply brush them to remove any debris or dirt that accumulates. If you notice that any algae has started to grow on the surface a pressure washer (or a brush and plenty of elbow grease) will get rid of it quickly.

Cobblestones or Setts? What is the Difference?

Cobbles or cobblestones are well known for being a feature of many old roads and streets. They were originally stones that had been gathered from lake beds, streams or the sea which had been shaped by the flow of water passing over them. The name cobble comes from cob, an old English word that meant ‘rounded lump’ and it was these round pebbles that were used in early roads.

Traditionally cobbles were favoured over other surfaces for building roads as they created traction for the horse and carriages that used them. The surface allowed water to drain away from the surface and they were very durable. It is easy to spot a path or street that has been made from cobbles as it will have a very bumpy looking surface.

Most people will choose traditional cobbles as decorative features. Setts are the ‘new’ version of cobbles and many people will refer to them as such. Setts are quarried granite that started to be produced during the 19th century. These have a smoother surface and have a more even rectangular shape. As a result they are ideal for use as a road or paving surface.
We supply both cobbles and setts so you can see the difference in the stones for yourself.

Add Unique Detail to Your Home

One thing is for certain, if you want to achieve a look that is unique to your home cobbles are perfect. Choose from slate cobbles that have a blue appearance to sandstone cobbles for that Yorkshire feel and everything else in between when you visit you reclamation yard.

There are so many possibilities that if you want to experiment with this material you can start small and get bigger. For a first time project set your stone around the garden pond or use them as edging for a path. As your confidence and ideas grow you can make your home even more personal.

Don’t Know which Stone to Buy? We can Help!

If you are worried about the thought of visiting a reclamation yard because you don’t know what you are looking for, relax! Our friendly team will be able to point you in the right direction and give you help and advice on the project that you have planned. We can also help you with delivery and promise to give you a service that you can rely on.


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