York Stone Flags – The Facts

York Stone FlagsYork stone flags are used all over mainland Britain to pave streets and most people will not take a second glance at this tough material. If you are thinking of using York stone flags here are some facts you might not be aware of:

– If you choose reclaimed stone you will be getting a high quality product and often at a cheaper price than buying it brand new.

– All stone will be cleaned and any mortar or other imperfections taken off before it is sold on. In other words it will be ready to use as soon as you have got it to your home.

– Reclaimed stone has fantastic character, which you can’t replicate with new. So if you want to add character to your property or you are renovating an older building, this is ideal.

– Stones that are thinner than 20mm – 25mm is classed as a tile and will not be as durable for driveways as a real flag which should be considerably thicker.

– If you are buying for a driveway opt for stone that is from 70mm thick upwards as this will be the most durable for the task and will not crack or show signs of wear and tear.


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