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York Stone Paving – What to Avoid

York stone pavingWhen you are buying York stone paving for the first time it really does pay to know what to look for in a good quality product. With this in mind here are some of the things you need to avoid when you are buying this paving:

Corners that are missing – this can be a common problem that is found with suppliers who do not pay attention to quality. These missing corners can be re-dressed but it can be expensive.

Tiles that are being mis-sold as paving – once again this is another problem that people can face. Check the thickness of the paving and if it is less than 25mm thick it is definitely a tile.

Stains – some stones have stains on them that have come from paint, mortar or oil. If you don’t want the cost of cleaning them (and remember some stains won’t go) check the stones before making your purchase.

Stones that are flaking – over time flags with start to flake, but you will want to buy stones that are in the best condition possible. With this in mind it is best to avoid any that are flaking or are showing signs of cracks as these can be



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