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Yorkstone Flags bring class to any area of your property

yorkstone flagsYorkstone is an excellent material to have around your property as it can bring class and an excellent look and feel to the home. It is known for its durability and hard wearing properties and this is why it is very popular and is used by landscapers as well as keen diy’ers. It is a brilliant and versatile natural material that is known to be reliable which is why it is often used for patios.

Natural Yorkstone is a great choice of material when it comes to refurbishing or creating a patio, especially if the patio is part of, or will be part of an old country building or farmhouse as it will allow you to retain the character of the property. If it is part of a new building it is flexible and can be sourced easily so that you can add the character that you desire to the property. Old country homes are usually made from the same stone that they stand on and choosing the right materials for the property is an important factor when it comes to making sure that the patio and the look of the property all tie in together.

Yorkstone flags can be reclaimed and will usually have come from places such as old mills, streets and yards and they will already have that worn and weathered look. This kind of stone is typical of the stone you would find inside a church which is why you may have heard of Yorkstone as being called Cathedral Quality. All Yorkstone Flags come in random shapes and sizes but this is not a problem as you may wish to have a patio created with odd shaped slabs, giving character and an unusual but appealing look to a patio. This method is less expensive but still allows you to have a stunning patio that will really give your property the ‘Wow Factor’. If you want a uniformed look to the patio then the slabs can be cut to size and laid how you wish. Yorkstone really is a flexible material and offers lots of options to help enhance your home.

Choosing to use the natural Yorkstone over other option will give you several advantages over the alternative concrete patios. It will offer a far superior appearance and has an exceptionally long lifespan and should you ever wish to get rid of the patio, the slabs can be sold for an excellent price.
Opting for Yorkstone Flags over all alternatives will give you quality and a charm that many other materials simply cannot offer.


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